A unique science of skin care that sprang from the passion of a woman pharmacist for research and beauty. Since 1936, Ella Baché has been creating innovative Beauty Recipes using avant-garde nutritional ingredients that nurture your natural beauty.

A Story of Good Taste

In 1929, Ella Baché was the first to take an interest in nutritional ingredients in cosmetics.
She showed that, in order to remain healthy and attractive, your skin has the same needs as your body in terms of vital elements. In fact, it needs more: it is the last part of the body to benefit from the nutrients that we absorb through eating.

Ella Baché has identified the changing needs of your skin depending on its age, the weather and internal imbalances, and has created unusual formulas with nutritional elements that she combines with biotechnologies derived from medical research.
Such is the case of tomatoes, to which Hungarian peasants owe their clear complexion, where she has uncovered their powers and identified the active ingredients: amino acids, lycopene and Vitamin C.
Her Tomato Cream was the first fruit of her research in 1936.

A Taste for the Daring

Today, Ella Baché Beauty Recipes are developed using a unique system of know-how that unites Dermatology, Diet and Aesthetics.

Nourished by the Ella Baché's notebooks and Beauty Recipes, and inspired by the pioneering mentality she passed on to us, our latest research is directed toward the discovery of nutritional ingredients with exceptionally beneficial qualities for skin care:
- organic tomatoes, very high in antioxidant lycopene, inspired us to create our CREAM FOR AN ENCHANTING GLOW, ACTIMIX'.
- a lasting sudden radiance, and a Healthy Look Organic Diet Supplement.
- Germinated barley sprouts, which will now add a supplementary benefit to the salads and vegetables in our diet, constitute a well-spring of bio-assimilated energy nutrients for our skin that allow it to scrub away signs of fatigue (tense lines, puffy face) and increase its firmness. In our ESPERSSO Recipe, we use it as green fuel for men's skin.

NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® is a unique science of skin care based on experience with nutritional ingredients acquired over more than 70 years of specialisation.
It now offers your skin a complete diet-based rejuvenation, both inside and out, through cosmetic treatments, dietary supplements, nutritional recommendations and a healthy lifestyle.
Follow the prescription of our NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® Beauty Salons-Spas, and watch your skin become more radiant daily; it will never have been so healthy, at the top of its beauty.
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