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Your skin has good taste!

You will discover a new way to look beautiful and feel radiant, at home in your body, by entrusting your skin to our specialists at the NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® Beauty Salon-Spas.

Since nutrition is the healthiest and most powerful natural beautifier, with positive effects for your health and overall well-being, Ella Baché has, since 1936, been creating innovative Beauty Recipes using pioneering nutritional ingredients and biotechnologies based on medical research. Different from your usual treatments, Ella Baché Beauty Recipes are developed based on research in dermatology, diet and aesthetics: our NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® beauty supplements enhance the natural beauty of your skin, both inside and out, based on what it lacks and on its current changing needs. They help it achieve loveliness faster, more deeply and that is longer-lasting.
Our Beauty Recipes have been proving their effectiveness since 1936 and have won over generations of women. They have made a worldwide name for Ella Baché, especially in resolving stubborn problems that resisted traditional treatments: ageing, extreme dryness, irritation, oily skin, sagging and figure problems.

Follow our Recipe and watch your skin become more radiant day after day; it will never have been so healthy, at the top of its beauty.

Make an appointment at a NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® Beauty Salon-Spa:

> obtain an analysis of your skin's real needs and immediately enhance its beauty.
Your NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® analysis: essential to evaluating specifically what your skin lacks and needs, done free of charge by our skin-specialists: a chance for you to share your objectives.

NUTRIDERMOLOGIE® beauty-nutrients: the skin care products at our Beauty Salon-Spas are different from the ones you will use at home to prolong the benefits. Our skin specialists will select the right combination for your skin. Peelings, highly concentrated ingredients, excellent nutrition and high performance await your skin.

Your 1st High-class Beauty treatment: an "all 5 senses" experience that will rejuvenate your skin, your body and your state of mind: health drinks, a cozy atmosphere, soft music and delicate fragrances. In terms of the 5th sense, your skin can start its rejuvenation: deep cleansing using an exclusive Ella Baché technique that immediately transforms your skin and your complexion, providing brightness and smoothness.
Sculptings of 20 to 30 minutes can be done based on your needs: dynamic action precisely targeting the parts of you body that need relief or stimulation.
Undergo our intensive treatments: you will see results in just one hour.

Follow our Beauty Recipe

> give your skin beautifying nourishment for deep, long-lasting results.
At the end of the treatment, you will leave with your Beauty Recipe Record in hand, containing all of our expert recommendations for following your plan: cosmetics products combined with nutritional supplements, a selection of cosmetic nutrients and invaluable advice to make your treatments even more effective.
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